There's only one School of Trout advanced class scheduled for 2019: the Advanced Dry Fly class. 

CLASS: Advanced dry Fly fishing

DATES: August 25TH - 29TH, 2019







Dates:  Anglers will arrive Sunday afternoon, August 25th and depart Thursday morning, August 29th.  

Location:  Our home for the class will be the exceptional TroutHunter facility on the banks of the Henry's Fork in Last Chance, Idaho.  To learn more about TroutHunter, please visit their website.  

Instructors:  John Juracek, Jeff Currier, Steve McFarland, Pat McCabe and Todd Tanner. (Be sure to take a look at our instructor’s page.)

Curriculum:  This upper level class focuses on every important aspect of dry fly fishing. Whereas the Basic Trout class has a fair amount of inside time, the Henry’s Fork will be our main classroom for this particular class. We’ll teach you how to spot and stalk rising trout, we’ll cover various water types and situations, we’ll do a deep dive into dry fly casts, techniques and presentations, and we’ll look at various dry fly options when the trout aren’t rising. If you’re already a passionate angler and you can’t wait to take your dry fly fishing to the next level, this is the class for you.

Lodging:  All students will stay in comfortable, double occupancy rooms at TroutHunter.  We’ll have one single occupancy room available for an additional fee.

Food:  All meals at the class are included.  Students will order from TroutHunter's stellar Last Chance Grill menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Drink:  We'll be serving beer & wine with dinner.  There will also be a cash bar available for those who choose to partake in other alcoholic beverages.  

Gear:  We recommend that students bring the fishing gear they plan to use in the future, as we can help them become more familiar with their equipment.  We will provide a list of recommended gear and equipment, while rods, reels, packs, lines, waders, etc. are available for purchase at TroutHunter.  We can also provide rods & reels for use during the class, if necessary.  

Travel:  Students are responsible for the cost of travel to and from Last Chance, Idaho.  The closest airport is in Idaho Falls, Idaho, which is approximately a one hour and 15 minute drive away.  

Cost:  Cost for the class will be $4,350 per person, double occupancy.  That includes the entire class curriculum, along with lodging & meals at TroutHunter.

Not Included:  Students are responsible for purchasing their own fishing licenses, any alcohol beyond the beer and wine included with dinner, and their travel expenses.  We also expect our students to tip the hardworking and conscientious TroutHunter staff who serve our meals and clean our rooms.

Recommended Items:  We will send students a full list of what they'll need for the class upon their acceptance.

Prerequisites: We don’t have specific prerequisites for this class. Still, please keep in mind that the Advanced Dry Fly class is designed for intermediate anglers who’d like to improve their skills and enjoy more success on the water. If you lack basic fly fishing skills, or if you struggle with your casting, we strongly recommend that you consider the School of Trout’s Basic Trout class instead.

Apply:  If you'd like to attend the School of Trout’s Advanced Dry Fly class, please CLICK HERE to apply.