We have not yet released our School of Trout class schedule for 2019.  

We plan to hold several classes in 2019, including at least one short (three day) class for more advanced anglers.  Please note that advanced classes will be limited to graduates of our Basic Trout class, and to anglers who are able to demonstrate the requisite casting & angling proficiency prior to their acceptance. 

Basic Trout Class:  We hope to hold at least one Basic Trout class in 2019.  Please check back here later in 2018 for the location and dates. 

Advanced Classes:  We are currently considering a Spring Creek class, a Nymphing class, a Streamer class, a "Match the Hatch" class, a Freestone class, a Dry Fly class, and a Steelhead class for 2019.  If there's a particular subject that you're interested in, feel free to drop us a note and let us know about your preference.