School of Trout Survey


You’ve had A couple of weeks to think about your time on The Henry’s Fork, So please tell us a little bit about your experience At the School of Trout.

We’d truly appreciate if you’d look over the questions below and share your answers with us. Or, if you’d rather just type up your thoughts and e-mail them to us, that would work just as well. Thank You!!!

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Overall, did the class:
Was the information you read on the SOT website prior to the class helpful and accurate?
Was the e-mail information you received from SOT prior to the class helpful and accurate?
Did the lodging at TroutHunter:
Did the food at TroutHunter:
Did the staff at TroutHunter:
Did you feel the information you learned at the class was helpful and relevant?
Did the SOT instructors:
Were all the SOT instructors friendly, knowledgable, professional and approachable?
Did you feel like you received enough personal attention?
Did you enjoy the evening presentations?
Was there anything at the class that we didn’t cover adequately, or that wasn’t clear when we were finished?
Was there anything that you wanted to learn about, but that we didn't address?