Most fly fishing schools are satisfied with mediocrity. We focus on excellence.


The School of Trout brings together the world's most talented instructors with just one goal in mind: to give our students the tools & knowledge necessary to succeed on any trout stream, anywhere in the world.  If you are accepted at the School of Trout, you'll spend a week learning from, and interacting with, the best of the best.  If that sounds intriguing, then feel free to look around our website.



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What are people saying about the School of Trout?

"Hatch Magazine is proud to endorse the new School of Trout." — Hatch Magazine

"The School of Trout brings together some of America’s finest and most talented instructors, and offers its students a chance to learn from the very best of the best.” — Midcurrent

“I can't think of a better way to either learn the sport or enhance existing skills than getting a Masters degree with the folks at the School of Trout.” — Forbes

“In addition to hanging out with some of the world’s finest fly fishing instructors, the students eat like kings and enjoy the incredible fishing on one of the West’s most fabled trout streams.” — Trout Unlimited

“You’ll learn about dries, nymphs and streamers; about fly rods and reels; about lines, leaders & tippets; about when, and how, to take photos … and when it makes more sense to simply look around and smile. Ultimately, you’ll discover how to become a fly fisher, and you’ll do so under the tutelage of the world’s finest instructors.” — Sporting Classics