School of Trout FAQs


What specific benefits should I expect if I attend the 2019 Basic Trout class? 

We want our students to leave the Basic Trout class feeling confident in their abilities to fly fish for trout under a wide variety of conditions.  They should also feel comfortable interacting with other anglers on the water, or in social settings.  Most importantly, the skills we teach and the information we share should help our students truly enjoy their time on the water.

Do I need prior fly fishing experience?

No, this class is for beginning to intermediate anglers.

Do you accept experienced anglers at the School of Trout?

Yes, but we'd suggest that very experienced anglers sign up for shorter, upper level classes.

Why are you holding the 2019 Basic Trout class on the Henry's Fork in Idaho?

The Henry's Fork is one of the finest and most diverse trout rivers in the world.  It's an ideal classroom for the School of Trout.

Will the students be going out with guides?


Will the students have a chance to fish?

Yes, but any fishing will be solely to help our students understand, and practice, what they have learned. Our focus will be on imparting as much knowledge, information and skill as we can possibly share.  The fishing will, of necessity, be a secondary consideration. 

What is the TroutHunter facility like?

It's a beautiful establishment with 11 comfortable, nicely-appointed rooms, a restaurant, and a fly shop. Make sure to visit the TroutHunter website and look around.  

Where will we eat our meals? 

We will eat our meals together in the restaurant area at TroutHunter. 

Do we all eat the same meal, or does SOT offer several options?

TroutHunter has an excellent and varied menu for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Rather than being limited to one or two choices - “Excuse me, would you please pass the chicken?” - students simply order off the TroutHunter menu. Which means if you’re in the mood for a burger and an iced tea, you can have a burger and an iced tea. If you prefer the salmon cakes, a bison ribeye and a nice Malbec, then that’s what you’ll have that night. The same applies with breakfast and lunch. It’s a great system and students rave about the food.

What is the maximum number of students?


Can you accommodate students with disabilities or special needs?

That depends on what those disabilities or needs are.  Please contact us with any specific questions you might have.

Who are the instructors?

Please visit our Instructors & Presenters page to learn more about the people who will be working with our students.

Will students receive individual attention and instruction.


Are there age restrictions?

Yes. Students aged 14 to 17 must be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult.  We do not accept students younger than 14.

What is the cost?

$7,950 per person, double occupancy.

Does that cover all my meals, drinks and lodging?

It covers all your meals, plus beer or wine with dinner, plus your lodging while you're at the school.

Does the School of Trout require a deposit?

Yes, we require a deposit of $3,975 to secure your spot in the class.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require half of the cost of the class ($3,975) as a deposit at the time you are accepted. Until your deposit is received, your spot at the school is neither confirmed nor guaranteed. The remainder of the tuition ($3,975) is due on or before August 1st, 2019. All payments, including deposits, are nonrefundable unless the School of Trout is able to secure a replacement angler to fill the spot at the class. If a replacement is found, SOT will offer a full refund, less a 10% cancellation fee. While we will work to find a replacement in the event of a cancellation, we can not guarantee that we will be able to do so. As a result, we recommend that everyone who is accepted for the Basic Trout class purchases trip insurance that covers their costs in the event of a cancellation or another problem.

If I'd rather not have a roommate, can I upgrade to a single room?

We should have several single rooms available for an additional fee, on a “first come, first served” basis. 

I enjoy something a little stronger than beer or wine on occasion.  What are my options?

There is a cash bar available to our students during and after dinner.

What other charges should I anticipate?

Your travel expenses to and from Last Chance, Idaho, a generous tip for the staff at TroutHunter, and a fishing license. 

Is there a lower cost option available?

No, although we are offering two partial scholarships for the 2019 Basic Trout class.

Can I apply for both a partial scholarship and a full price spot at the class, with the hope that I'll save money if I win the scholarship?

No, the partial scholarship is reserved for people who can not afford to pay the regular class tuition.  We will not accept dual applications.

Do you cover my airfare or other travel costs?


Can you pick me up and drop me off at the airport?

We suggest that our students rent a vehicle at the airport in Idaho Falls, Idaho. There is also a shuttle service available. If necessary, we can help make other arrangements.

Do you recommend trip insurance?

Yes. We are not insurance experts, and we do not recommend any specific plan or service, but trip insurance could potentially help you in the event of a last second problem or cancellation.

Will I have much free time at the school?

Students always have the option of stepping back and relaxing when they need a break, but you should anticipate full days that start with an early breakfast around 7:30 am.  Our daily schedule will start by 9 am, and run through evening presentations that take place after we've wrapped up dinner.

Will we have cell service and wifi at TroutHunter?

Typically, yes.

Who provides the necessary gear & equipment, and what should I bring if I'm accepted?

We will provide students with a complete list of what to bring upon their acceptance into the class. The School of Trout can help provide necessary gear with advance notice. 

Will the incredible fly fishers you've featured on the Instructors & Presenters page actually appear at the 2019 Basic Trout class?  

Yes. We expect that all the instructors and presenters will be there in October.  That said, we can't guarantee that a particular instructor or presenter won't break an ankle, or have to bow out because of illness or personal issues.  Fortunately, we have enough great teachers coming in to guarantee an exceptional staff and an unmatched learning experience. (All our featured instructors and presenters did make it to Idaho to participate in the 2018 Basic Trout class.)

Will I leave the School of Trout with anything more than great memories, budding friendships, and a newfound appreciation for - and understanding of - fly fishing?

We're not going to make any promises, but we wouldn't be surprised if you walked away with one of Tom Rosenbauer's incredible "bean-to-bar" chocolate bars, or one of Tim Romano's photos of you wading the clear waters of the Henry's Fork, or gear and books from Kirk Deeter, or perhaps something artistic from Bob White.  

What about the School of Trout’s advanced classes?

Our advanced classes will be shorter - typically three to five days - and smaller in class size.  They'll usually focus on a particular type of trout fishing, like streamer fishing or dry fly fishing or nymphing, or they may emphasize a particular type of water like spring creeks or freestone streams.  To learn more, please visit the 2019 Advanced Classes page.